The Division of Disease Control uses several methods to track communicable diseases and emerging outbreaks of illnesses. To view surveillance data, click on the title of the Data/Report in the table below.

All surveillance data is preliminary and is not intended for further distribution.

Title of Data/Report Update Frequency Date Last Updated Relevant Disease Information Pages
Annual Report Annually 08/22/2018 -
Chlamydia Annually 07/18/2017 -
Gonorrhea Annually 07/18/2017 -
General STDs Annually 07/18/2017 -
Hepatitis B & C Quarterly 01/04/2019 About Hepatitis C
HIV/AIDs Annually - -
Influenza Weekly (September-May) 03/15/2019 About Influenza
Opioid Quarterly 07/13/2018 Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing
Other Respiratory Viruses Weekly (September-May) 03/22/2019 -
Syphilis Annually 07/18/2017 -
Tickborne Diseases Annually 10/02/2018 About Tickborne Diseases
Tuberculosis Annually 07/13/2017 About Tuberculosis
Vaccination Coverage Annually 06/13/2017 Immunization
West Nile Virus Weekly (July-October) 11/06/2018 About West Nile Virus (Arboviruses)
Zika and Other Travel-Related Arboviruses Monthly (July-October) 11/10/2017 About Arboviruses