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Philadelphia Influenza Surveillance Updates:

PDPH tracks influenza activity in Philadelphia, especially severe influenza disease. Providers should report all hospitalized influenza cases, influenza deaths in children, and influenza outbreaks in closed settings like long-term care facilities and shelters.

Week 9: For week 9, influenza-like illnesses at emergency departments decreased for all age groups. Laboratory detections of influenza and activity overall both remain low. Since October 2, 2022, there have been 475 reports of severe influenza at non-pediatric hospitals (Philadelphia resident, positive by rapid test, PCR or culture, and hospitalized for ≥ 24 hrs). Data from pediatric hospitals is pending, and will be updated once received. Twenty six influenza outbreaks have been reported (≥ 1 case of laboratory confirmed flu reported in a long term care facility) so far this season. Eleven deaths have been reported to date.

Current Report: Click here to download the last weekly report of influenza activity (from February 26 through March 4, 2023) in a printable format.


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State and National Influenza Surveillance Updates:

Pennsylvania: As of March 4, 2023, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDOH) has reported that flu activity has declined and activity is low overall. Emergency department visits for flu-like symptoms are moderate as well. Influenza A (H3N2) viruses have been identified as the predominant type detected and overall there have been a total of 181,472 laboratory confirmed cases of influenza (positive by rapid test, PCR, or culture). There have been 130 influenza associated deaths this season. For more information, please visit:

United States: As of March 4, 2023, the CDC reports that influenza activity is low nationwide. Flu related hospital admissions have decreased compared to the previous week and 8 of 10 HHS regions were below their outpatient respiratory illness baselines. Clinical laboratories have reported 565 influenza detections out of 64,083 specimens tested (0.9%), 98.9% of which tested positive for influenza A. Of influenza A viruses that have been subtyped in week 9, 55.0% have been H3N2 and 45.0% have been H1N1. One hundred twenty five pediatric deaths have been recorded so far this season. In week 9, 4 jurisdictions experienced moderate flu activity, while 3 had high activity. For more information, please visit: