The Philadelphia Department of Public Health depends on reports of diseases and conditions of public health concern to protect the health of all Philadelphians and our visitors. To report a disease or condition to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health call 215-685-6748 during regular business hours (8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday) or fax a report to 215-238-6947.

  • If the disease or condition requires immediate notification and it is after normal business hours, call 215-686-4514 to contact the Division of Disease Control on-call personnel through Philadelphia City Hall.

What to Report

Information on which diseases are required to be reported to the PDPH including:

  • Immediately reportable diseases and conditions to be reported to PDPH within 24 hours
  • Routinely notifiable diseases and conditions to be reported to PDPH within 5 days

How to Report

Resources for reporting a disease to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health including:

  • Information to provide in your report
  • Downloadable reporting forms with descriptions of when to use them
  • Contact information for reporting diseases and conditions including disease specific reporting information

Why Report

Information about the importance of reporting diseases and conditions to PDPH including:

  • Reference to the Pennsylvania state law and Philadelphia city code that mandate reporting
  • Description of what happens once a case is reported to the PDPH


Answers to common questions regarding the duty to protect patients confidential and secure healthcare information through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the mandate to report diseases and conditions to the health department.