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Reporting to PDPH

Anthrax is an immediately notifiable condition. Upon suspicion of anthrax, report anthrax cases to PDPH by calling 215-685-6748 during business hours or calling 215-686-4514 after normal business hours.

Vaccine Information

While there is an anthrax vaccine that protects against cutaneous and inhalation anthrax, it is not typically available for the general public. During a public health emergency involving anthrax, people that have been exposed might receive anthrax vaccine to prevent anthrax.

Click here for more information on the anthrax vaccine.

Diagnosis & Management

CDC: Inhalation Anthrax vs. Influenza-Like Illness
CDC: Recognition of Illness Associated with the Intentional Release of a Biologic Agent
CDC: Exposure to Hides/Drums


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