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About Closed PODs

Thank you for your participation and support of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s (PDPH) Mass Medication Program. During emergencies that require the urgent dispensing of medication to a large portion of the Philadelphia population, PDPH relies on the support of Closed POD Partners like you to provide assistance in reaching the most people in the quickest and most effective manner. As a Closed POD Partner, you will work with PDPH to maintain functioning communication networks and participate in training exercises.

Closed POD Partners benefit from an increased ability to maintain operations during public health emergencies because staff will be able to return quickly to their normal duties if they and their families receive the medication to protect their health. Your population will have less anxiety during an emergency and your staff may be more likely to report to work if they know your organization is prepared to provide life-saving medications.

This website will help you to prepare your organization or facility for distributing medication during a public health emergency and will be your primary source of information during a public health emergency. If you have any questions about this Program, please contact

The resource below provide a more details about PDPH closed POD operations, including how to become a closed POD and response phases flowchart.