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Resources to help familiarize your facility/organization with the role of Closed POD Partners during a public health emergency and provide tools to assist with the distribution planning process.

The City of Philadelphia has hosted many large, important celebrations and events that bring international attention to our city, such as the Democratic National Convention and the Papal Visit. Make sure your organization is prepared for future large events and public health emergencies by creating or updating your plan with the Closed POD Template.

The POD Layout Set-up sheet outlines the flow of patients and POD operations during pill dispensing.

The POD Supply List provides a list of essential supplies to coordinate and activate a POD.

National Agency POD Resources

Learn more about incident response and command operations from federal agencies.


Resources needed during the operation of a POD or dispensing of a medical countermeasure in the event of a public health emergency, including disease information sheets, drug information sheets, and head-of-household forms.

Instructions to help Closed POD leadership staff set up a Closed POD. These instructions provide guidance for registration of staff, the physical set-up of the POD, and the process for tracking the medications once they arrive on-site.

Description of job assignments for day of response training during POD operations.

Materials for POD leadership to reference when providing day of response training to staff.