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Travel Health

International travel can increase the risk for various illnesses. Below are resources and guidance materials for healthcare professionals regarding travelers’ health.

Current Travel Health Notices

Please see the CDC website for current travel health notices.

Pre-Travel Consultation

A pre-travel consultation balances the health of the traveler (the traveler's age, underlying health conditions, medications, and immunization history) with the details of the planned trip (the season of travel, itinerary, duration, and planned activities).

Clinical Guidelines

Travel Vaccines

Depending on the traveler’s destination, your patient may need additional vaccines different from the routine immunizations recommended for children and adults. These special immunizations may include vaccines for typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, or Japanese encephalitis.

Clinical Evaluation Tools

Screening the Returned Traveler

Although some illnesses may begin during travel, others may occur weeks, months, or even years after return. A history of travel (particularly any travel within the past six months) should be part of the routine medical history for every ill patient. A travel history, particularly of the previous six months, should be part of every routine medical history. Recommendations will depend upon travel destination, duration of travel, immunization history, various medication regimens, activities, and personal history of exposure. Clinicians can also refer patients to qualified specialists versed in travel medicine or infectious disease to ensure appropriate post-travel medical care is provided.

Clinical Evaluation Tools

Health Education Materials