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Schools & Childcare

The prevention and control of communicable diseases in schools and childcare settings are essential to maintaining and improving the public health. Below are public health resources and guidance for use by healthcare professionals working in schools or childcare facilities.


Special Reporting Instructions For Schools and Childcare

For schools and nurses affiliated with the School District of Philadelphia, please refer to the Interagency Protocol between the School District of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health when reporting a disease or condition.
Whenever a school hears of a possible special situation, regardless of the source, the school will:

  • Notify the School Nurse or, if the School Nurse is not available, the SDP liaison to PDPH at 215-400-6094 or 215-400-4170
  • The School Nurse will gather all relevant information and contact the PDPH
  • The School Nurse will notify the School Health Coordinator
  • Cases must be discussed with the PDPH before any action is taken by school staff. PDPH will recommend appropriate clinical and communications guidance.

Infection Control


Disease Specific Guidance

The following diseases and conditions pages have guidance posted specific to schools and childcare facilities: