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Tools for Commitment to Antibiotic Stewardship

A randomized clinical trial in five outpatient primary care clinics found that displaying personalized public commitment posters in examination rooms resulted in a 19.7% decrease in inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for upper respiratory infections. This low-cost intervention has potential to enhance quality improvement efforts around antibiotic use.

Directions to Request a Digital or Printed Commitment Poster for Your Facility

Email request to with the following information:

1.Facility name

2. Facility logo picture file

3. Type of poster request (printed poster or digital printable poster)

  • For printed poster, provide the facility's address and contact person so PDPH can send physical copies of the requested poster(s) to the facility
  • For digital printable poster, PDPH will email the facility a printable PDF of the requested poster(s) to the person submitting the email request and any additional emails you provide.

4. Type of commitment poster(s) (example: single provider, multiple providers, group, or no pictures)

5. Picture of healthcare provider(s) for the requested poster along with the name(s) and credential(s) (ex: John Doe, M.D.)

  • For Single Provider Commitment Poster, attach one picture of your facility healthcare provider with their name and credentials.
  • For Multiple Provider Commitment Poster, attach up to three pictures of your facility's healthcare providers with their corresponding names and credentials (see poster example).
  • For Group Commitment Poster, attach one picture of your facility's healthcare provider group (see poster example) with their names and credentials. Group commitment posters can include up to 6 signatures.

6. Type of preferred signature (digital or manual)

  • For typed signatures, include the names of providers for your requested poster type.
  • For manual signatures, the facility's healthcare provider can physically sign the poster themselves in the indicated signature space (see poster example)