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Topic Priority Date of Alert
Testing and Reporting Requirements for West Nile Virus and Other Arboviruses Advisory Jul 1, 2021
Norovirus Transmission Occurring in Philadelphia Advisory Jan 8, 2013
Norovirus Transmission Occurring in Philadelphia Advisory Jan 12, 2012
Norovirus Circulating in Philadelphia Advisory Jan 27, 2010
Controlling the Spread of Norovirus in an Institutional Setting – Recommendations from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health Notification Jan 6, 2010


CDC Norovirus Surveillance

Vaccine Information

There is no vaccine information available for Norovirus.

Diagnosis & Management

  • If your facility does not have a laboratory that can test for norovirus, consult with PDPH by calling 215-685-6740 to arrange for laboratory testing.
  • There is currently no treatment available for norovirus; treatment is supportive only.

Health Education Materials

Guidelines for Management & Control

All Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities

Schools and Childcare Settings


For Healthcare Providers:

For Patients and Community Members:

There are no patient or community resources for Norovirus.


3 Step Poster with Pictures 2013 (PDF)

PDPH Gastrointestinal Virus Entry Restriction Poster (PDF)

Norovirus Clean-up and Disinfection Poster (PDF)

Prevent the Spread of Norovirus (PDF)