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The Health Information Portal (HIP) is developed and maintained by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) to communicate important health related information to Philadelphia-area health care professionals.

The HIP provides current information and resources for health care professionals on infectious disease, disease reporting, epidemiological data, and in-depth guidelines for diagnosis and management of diseases and conditions. The site is also a source of information during a disease outbreak, public health emergency, or other event that may require action by health care professionals.

The HIP is an extension of the Philadelphia Health Alert Network (HAN), an emergency notification system for public health, health care, and emergency response personnel. PDPH uses the HAN to distribute time-critical, health related information to designated health partners via email and fax. If you are a health care professional and would like to receive HAN messages, please complete and submit this form or contact us at

The HIP is also a source of sharing information with public health emergency preparedness partners. Please note that some information is password protected. Sensitive or confidential information will be restricted so that designated public health emergency preparedness personnel will be able to view this information securely.

Disease Reporting
All Philadelphia physicians, laboratories, school nurses, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, state institutions, or other locations providing health services are required by law to report notifiable diseases and conditions to PDPH. PDPH may also help facilitate diagnostic testing and assist with infection control and disease management. To report a disease or condition, please call 215-685-6748 during regular business hours, or fax a report to 215-545-8362. To report a public health emergency or a disease requiring immediate public health notification after business hours, please contact the Division of Disease Control on-call personnel at 215-686-4514 through Philadelphia City Hall.

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