The HEP Newsletter provides local hepatitis surveillance data, treatment and disease reporting guidelines, and relevant screening and vaccination services information.

May 2016

  • Improved Acute Hepatitis C Case Finding
  • Improving Hepatitis A and B Vaccination Rates among Hepatitis C Positive Patients
  • PDPH Receives CDC Grant to Enhance Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention

November 2015

  • Racial Disparities in Hepatitis C & Liver Cancer Outcomes
  • HBV False Positives Are Common at Dialysis Centers
  • STD Testing Guidelines

June 2015

  • Two populations of Hepatitis C in Philadelphia
  • State Hep C Summit
  • Hep C Treatment Expansion
  • Prevention Point Philadelphia

November 2014

  • Perinatal Hepatitis C Testing in Philadelphia
  • Helping Uninsured Hepatitis C Patients
  • HCV Testing for At-Risk Populations
  • Changes to Hepatitis C Reporting Requirements

June 2014

  • Hepatitis Surveillance
  • Two New HCV Drugs Approved By FDA
  • Viral Hepatitis Policy
  • Hep B Hero

September 2013

  • Who Are We?
  • Viral Hepatitis Reporting
  • Surveillance Updates
  • Join HepCap