Candida Auris Toolkit 

This toolkit includes a set of resources that your facility can utilize to detect, manage and control Candida auris in your facility and to communicate C. auris information to other healthcare providers, patients and families. Additional PDPH infection control resources can be found here.

Provider Information

Collection of Patient Swabs

CDC Procedure for Collection of Patient Swabs 8.5x11



 Verbal Consent Script

CDC Script for Verbal Consent for Screening 8.5x11



 Candida Auris FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about C. Auris Screening 8.5x11



 Candida Auris Transfer Form

PDPH Candida Auris Transfer Form 8.5x11



 Candida Auris Line List

PDPH Candida Auris Line List Excel

 Candida Auris Report Form

PDPH Candida Auris Report Form 8.5x11



 EPA Disinfectant Products

EPA Registered Disinfectant Products for Candida Auris Website

 C Auris Precautions

Precautions for Candida Auris  Patients in a Healthcare Facility- 8.5x11

 C Auris Summary

PDPH Candida Auris  Summary - 8.5x11





Patient Information

Candida Auris Testing

CDC Information for Patients Being Tested 8.5x11


Candida Auris Colonization

CDC Colonization Fact Sheet 8.5x11

Candida Auris Information

C. auris Information for Families and Residents 8.5x11