Abbott BinaxNOW Training Materials  

This toolkit includes a set of resources (e.g. standard operating procedure, training materials, and logs) that your facility can utilize and reference when working with the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID Ag Card Point of Care Diagnostic Test. 

BinaxNOW Training Materials

COVID-19: PADOH Change of Status Form

PADOH Change of Status Form - 8.5x11


BinaxNOW Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - 8.5x11

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Training Checklist

BinaxNOW Training Checklist - 8.5x11


COVID-19: BinaxNOW Training Certification

BinaxNOW Training Certification - 8.5x11

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Quiz

BinaxNOW Training Quiz - 8.5x11

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Quiz Answer Key

BinaxNOW Quiz Answer Key - 8.5x11


COVID-19: BinaxNOW Temp Log

BinaxNOW Temperature Log - 8.5x11

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Internal Control Log

BinaxNOW Internal Control Log  - 8.5x11

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Quality Control Log

BinaxNOW Quality Control Log - 8.5x11


COVID-19: BinaxNOW Video 1

BinaxNOW, Part 1: Test Procedure - Video

COVID-19: BinaxNOW Video 2

BinaxNOW, Part 2: Interpreting Results  - Video