The Philadelphia Immunization Program works with healthcare providers to ensure safe and timely immunizations. The three main activities of this Program are Vaccines for Children, Vaccines for Adults at Risk, and PhilaVax IIS. Click here for more information on the Philadelphia Immunization Program.

For data on vaccination coverage in Philadelphia, see the vaccination coverage page here.

Vaccines for Children (VFC)

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program is a vaccine supply program that allows enrolled healthcare providers to give immunizations to eligible children. The intent is to remove cost as a barrier from receiving timely immunizations. VFC is considered one of our nation’s most successful public-private partnerships for improving public health.

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Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR)

The Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR) Program makes vaccine available to select providers serving adults at high-risk for vaccine preventable diseases. The adult immunization program started in 1994, targeting at-risk adults in shelters with Hepatitis A & B, influenza, and Td vaccines. The program has since expanded to include more community partners and vaccines, but still has the goal of serving the mostly medically at-risk adults in Philadelphia.

PhilaVax: Philadelphia's Immunization Information System

PhilaVax IIS, formerly known as KIDS Plus IIS, is a confidential, population-based, computerized system that collects and disseminates consolidated immunization information for Philadelphia residents of all ages. Health care professionals and patients can be assured that their immunization records are safe and complete and will be available to them for years to come.

Clinical Resources

Find immunization clinical resources including links to Vaccine Information Statements, Immunization Schedules, VAERS, and more on the Immunization Program website .

Click here for information on a continuing education opportunity for early childhood immunizations .