The following graphs depict the aggregate results of PDPH's respiratory virus surveillance. Care should be taken with the interpretation of these results.

These summaries display the provisional, year-to-date counts (or, in some cases, percentage positivity) of respiratory viruses by week of report. Comparable data for preceding years are shown as well.

All surveillance data are preliminary and are not intended for further distribution.

Activity Summary

For week 14 of 2021, rhinovirus has remained the predominant circulating non-influenza respiratory virus, with approximately 18% of tested specimens positive for rhinovirus. After a sharp increase in activity in March, rhinovirus activity has decreased during April to levels similar to previous seasons. Adenovirus activity has remained consistent with previous seasons. RSV, human metapneumovirus, and parainfluenza virus activity has remained lower than previous seasons.

Laboratory-Based Surveillance Rhinovirus

Laboratory-Based Surveillance Respiratory Adenovirus

Laboratory-Based Surveillance Human Metapneumovirus

Laboratory-Based Surveillance Parainfluenza

Updated: 04/19/2021